FAME and Luiss Enlabs event in Rome – June 26th

So exciting, it really showed how a collaboration between young talents and experienced executives can give wonderful fruits. If you support a team formed by young people willing to work seriously through a combination of experts, network and some money, you can generate great outcomes, such as the start-ups http://www.lecicogne.net and http://www.atooma.com


Cultural exception is still there. Is it really a good news?

Our question means to be provocative. Obviously it is positive, since many sectors of the Europan cultural industry are heavily dependent on public support, and a radical change of this dimension would have made most of them collapse. But, ironically, this last sentence highlights the importance and urgency of a quick and effective improvement of cultural players ability to face the market, meaning, to bring consistent value to the society. One of those initiatives, FAME (inside the broader European Creative Industries Alliance flagship), has organised an event that will take place in Rome on the 25th of June.

ENLABS EVENT – How to finance a start-up? – June 11th

Hurrah, experts of the “incubator/accelerator/investors” realm agreed that is important to support activities that can benefit from a smarter use of technology, but whose mission is not technology. And mentioned tourism as one of the sectors that can be more suitable for this approach. That is, although you are not developing a new app, you can still speak with ┬áthese guys.