Report about Cultural and Creative Industries in Italy

The Italian version – Io Sono Cultura – has been recently launched, downloadable from

Culture Synapses is developing a compact version in English that will be ready in November. This will allow you to have a very good understanding of the state of the art of the different sectors in Italy (Film, Publishing, Performing Arts…), being a tool to support future collaborations.


Google Big Tent in Rome – 4th of July

I really suggest to participate in Google Big Tent events, happening in several cities all over the world

Extremely interesting the round table with the participation of Warner Bros Italy, Sony Music Italy, RCS books and Espresso Group. At the beginning Google was seen as a parassite, using – for free – their precious content to make lots of money. Today, they still think that Google is – partially – a parassite, but there is an awareness that in the new ecosystem it can be extremely beneficial to have a giant aggregator which is dynamically present in our lives. Let’s see what the future deserves for us!