How investment funds can boost the Cultural and Creative Industries

United Ventures, one of the most important investment funds worldwide, based in Italy, has organised an event inside the TechCrunch in Rome. Great intellectual stimulus, and the opportunity to know more about two of their invested companies belonging to the CCIs universe; LoveThesign, an attractive e-commerce for home design and 20lines, a compelling platform for collaborative writing.


Sometimes experience can be a limit

Ironically, a substantial obstacle for innovation comes often from the most experienced professionals. A great example is the financing process for “Waltz with Bashir”, now considered a masterpiece. When Ari Folman, writer and director, presented the project to a group of top-level commissioners, the main concern was: why using animation for a documentary about war? Only Arte France believed in the challenge, giving a fundamental support to the financing process of a unique work that created a new language for documentaries.