2 main activities in the Media & Entertainment realm:

▪️Research + Development + Innovation. Among the current projects, the development of a platform to support the production and distribution of contents and the trade of services (e.g. technology, marketing, legal).

▪️A multi-format (e.g. tv and web series, VR/AR/MR, podcast) production company. We focus on executive production (development/marketing/finance) and partner with vertical producers (e.g. a Film & TV production company, a video-games developer) for the creation of the individual contents that compose the multi-format experience; the natural setup is international co-productions.

Among the attended events: : MIPTV, Web Summit, Changing The Pictures, RO Institute bootcamp, EFM, CPHDOX forum, The Good Pitch, EAVE TTB, Venice Production Bridge, Cross Video Days, Frankfurt book fair/Art+ conference.