Culture Synapses is producing T.L.C. (info below), a tv series in development that has already attracted the interest of important decision makers.

Besides that, Ivan Sanna is in talks with creators and producers of beautiful series in development to act as a co-producer.

On the innovation side, Culture Synapses is developing a new platform for the Film & TV professionals, combining a digital market with a an aggregator of tools.


T.L.C. is a playful acronym used in Colombia for the popular silicon combo: Tetas-Lipo-Cola (Tits-Lipo-Butt). The first season of T.L.C. uncovers the world of underground plastic surgery in Colombia through the eyes of a photojournalist who, vowing to avenge her sister’s death, partners with an ambitious politician in her battle against an unscrupulous fake-surgeon.

8 x 52’, Serialized, Multiple Seasons

Drama mixed with crime, political, social

Spanish and other languages